Clean Water
tile_water Access to clean, reliable water supplies is critical to our quality of life and our economy. Because of its fundamental necessity, markets for water treatment exist at many scales, ranging from self-contained dairy farms to municipalities and entire third world countries that struggle to maintain a clean supply of water to stave off dehydration and illness. We are currently developing a full-scale treatment system for the Van Ommering Dairy in Lakeside, CA.  This technology will convert their "waste" to valuable biomass and renewable, clean bioenergy. Our Technology
Clean Energy
tile_energy The energy content of raw wastewater exceeds the energy required to treat it by almost 10-fold.  We have received several grants to develop technology to harness this energy and convert it to biogas and natural gas.  We are developing an efficient and profitable wastewater treatment and bioenergy production system: mass cultivating algae using wastewater as the feedstock.  The photosynthetic growth process of the culture will enhance the treatment of the water, and the resulting biomass will be harvested and mined for its high energy content.  If implemented across all dairies in California alone, we could generate 35 billion standard cubic feet of biogas per year and over 1 billion kg of algae biomass. Read the latest news
Using Biotechnology
tile_algae Our algae-based approach to enhancing wastewater treatment can greatly reduce the cost of treatment, increase water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and generate valuable biogas and biomass.  Our diverse team of scientists has expertise in everything from synthetic biology to physics, computer science, fluidics, and engineering, and we are passionate about confronting the impending energy and water crises facing our planet.  As global warming and population growth put increasing strains on our resources, we believe that a viable and sustainable solution lays in the simple microbial organisms that we work with every day. Meet the team